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Sofia international Securities
Established in 1998 and is one of the biggest nonbanking financial institutions on Bulgaria’s capital market, fully licensed intermediary by the Financial Supervision Commission and Finance House of the Bulgarian National Bank. The company offers a comprehensive range of services for the Bulgarian and the international stock market including: stock broker services, asset management, mutual funds, foreign exchange trading and also company consultations.
Sis Credit is an organisation established in 2006 and specialises in offering loans, financial and operative leasing. For its business purposes Sis Credit is a licensed financial institution of the Bulgarian National Bank and is registered under the laws for protection of personal data, which is a guarantee for the loyalty and responsible attitude towards our clients. The advantage of Sis Credit is that we offer you our personal products, connected with giving out funds, which allows us to be flexible when solving your problems. Sis Credit offers its services throughout the country.
SIS Coop is a credit cooperative established in 2006 and specialises in determining and helping the needs of its members, most often farmers and craftsmen for targeted and untargeted financing. Our team consists of proven specialists in the areas of agriculture and livestock loans and have developed credit products extremely innovated and with individual focus especially for you.
Many of your business problems can be solved, thanks to grants provided by the Structural Funds of the European Union. SIS European funding is offering specialized consulting services by applying for national operational programs and / or programs of direct EU funding.
“Pawn house” “SIS PAWN” Ltd is an organisation with a main activity in the area of finance – giving out loans against pawning moveable property, all the time completely confirming to the rules and the regulations “Ordinance on the activities of pawnbrokers”. Our management team has more than 15 years of experience with financial activities and commercial transactions. Our main priorities are security, speed and propriety.SIS Pawn is registered under the protection of personal data, which is a guarantee for the loyalty and the responsible attitude towards you.
SIS Control is a company created to offer high quality services in the area of problem loans. Our mission is to provide high quality help as to the borrowers in difficulty and to the creditors in gathering what they are owed. Our portfolio of services include obtaining loans, consultations when renegotiating and reconstructing loans, legal actions concerning problem loans purchase of loans and inter – company debts.
SIS Brokers is an insurance broker licensed by the FSC under the Insurance Code in Bulgaria. The broker offers insurances to individual and corporate clients for all insurance risks offered on the Bulgarian market. We offered complex analysis, advice and service in the field of liquidation and conclusion of insurance contracts for motor vehicles, property, health, life, cargo and all kind of responsibilities.